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30 April 2020

Rentenbank - following a successful 2019, the focus for 2020 is on corona relief

Frankfurt. 2019 saw Rentenbank’s new promotional business increase at EUR 10.6 billion, slightly above the prior-year level. The special promotional loans business which forms part of it dwindled, mainly because new business in the Renewable Energy promotional line dropped significantly. However, the German development agency for agribusiness and rural areas was in a position to expand its activities within its core area of agriculture.

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30 January 2020

Fiscal Year 2019 – Increase in new promotional business for agriculture

Frankfurt. Rentenbank can look back at 2019 as a year for strong promotional business. Within its core Agriculture promotional line, Rentenbank saw new business in its attractive low-interest special promotional loans increase by 2.7%. By contrast, the Renewable Energy promotional line experienced a decline. As a result, new business in special promotional loans dropped overall by around 10% to EUR 6.0 billion. Nevertheless, Rentenbank increased its total new promotional business by nearly 3% to EUR 10.6 billion.

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13 December 2019

Rentenbank expects 2020 funding volume of up to EUR 11 billion, Green Bond benchmark coming soon

Frankfurt. Rentenbank expects a total funding volume of up to EUR 11 billion with maturities of more than two years in 2020.

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11 October 2019

Rentenbank Startup Award for Pollination by Mouse Click

Frankfurt. BEEsharing has won the highly prized Rentenbank Startup Award of EUR 5,000 for 2019.

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22 August 2019

More promotional loans for agriculture and rural areas, capital ratios further increased

Frankfurt. In the first half of 2019, Rentenbank granted special promotional loans in the amount of EUR 3.2 billion (EUR 3.3 billion in the first half of 2018). Germany’s development agency for agribusiness and rural areas made gains in the Agriculture and Rural Development promotional lines. However, the demand for wind farm financing dwindled again. Total new business in special promotional loans and in the form of registered bonds, promissory notes, and securities with a link to rural areas increased to EUR 5.8 billion in the first half of 2019.

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5 June 2019

Climate change challenge – Rentenbank’s Edmund Rehwinkel Foundation presents research results

Frankfurt. According to Dr. Martin Banse and Dr. Viktoriya Sturm from the Thünen Institute for Market Analysis team in Braunschweig, the contribution made by the 28 EU member states to the global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from agribusiness is relatively small.

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20 May 2019

Climate Change Challenge – an invitation to the Edmund Rehwinkel Foundation symposium

Rentenbank’s Edmund Rehwinkel Foundation seeks attendees for its next symposium in Berlin on June 5, 2019. Academic studies supported by the foundation on the highly topical subject of ‘Climate Change Challenge – impacts on agriculture and adaptation strategies’ are to be presented.

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17 May 2019

Rentenbank creates new ‘Forestry’ promotional line

Frankfurt. Rentenbank is concentrating its activities on promoting forestry by creating a new promotional line. Forest management is facing huge challenges particularly when set against the background of climate change. Increasing weather extremes are causing ever greater damage.

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10 May 2019

Rentenbank: 70 years of successfully promoting agriculture and rural areas

Frankfurt. Rentenbank’s Governing Law came into effect on May 11, 1949. That's when Germany’s Frankfurt-based development agency for agribusiness and rural areas started its business activities.

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29 April 2019

Rentenbank awards more promotional loans for agribusiness and rural development - wind power remains sluggish

Frankfurt. 2018 saw Rentenbank’s new promotional business drop when compared with the prior-year level. The main reason for this was a sharp decline in wind power financing resulting from a change to the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG). New business was virtually stable in the Agriculture promotional line, while it rose in the Agribusiness and Rural Development promotional lines. The Management Board of Germany’s development agency for agribusiness and rural areas was pleased with the results overall. ‘The 2018 business year has shown that Rentenbank’s promotional loans continue to be attractive for all types of investment in agriculture and rural areas,’ underlined Horst Reinhardt, Chairman of the Management Board at Rentenbank.

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