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Promotional Activities

In principle, we refinance banks operating in European Union countries irrespective of their legal form or association membership. Our loans can be used for agriculture-related projects of all kinds, as well as for providing finance in rural areas. The scope of our lending activity ranges from agriculture, forestry, wine-growing, horticulture and fishing as well as to the manufacturers of agricultural supplies together with commercial and service businesses that have close links with agriculture and forestry. In addition to financing businesses involved in the food industry as well as the production of food as a craft and the food trade we also finance other businesses and institutions associated with agriculture and the food industry. We refinance loans to local authorities and other public bodies in rural areas. Possible areas of activity for our loans encompass investments of a general character, such as measures for upgrading rural infrastructure and environmental an animal protection as well as the promotion of organic farming and investments for the creation of jobs in rural areas.

Our main area of activity is granting medium and long-term promotional loans. In addition to refinancing lending for individual projects we offer blanket loans with packaged finance for medium and long-term loans in several variations. Maturities, fixed-interest terms, discount rates and settlement periods can be tailor-made for the individual needs of the bank or final borrower. The borrower can choose between half-yearly or other repayment dates as well as between loans with one or several payment-free years or fixed loans, which can be paid back in one lump sum. In addition, we offer annuity loans, which can be repaid regularly at fixed instalments over an agreed period of time.