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In addition, you will find our list of authorized signatures and a city map.

Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank
Hochstrasse 2/D-60313 Frankfurt am Main
PO Box 10 14 45/D-60014 Frankfurt am Main




Phone: +49 69-2107-0

Fax: +49 69-2107-6444

Public Relations

Dr. Christof Altmann

Dr. Christof Altmann

Head of Public Relations

Phone: +49 69-2107-393

Fax: +49 69-2107-6447

Claudia Kürbis

Claudia Kürbis

Assistant Public Relations

Phone: +49 69-2107-236

Fax: +49 69-2107-6447

Other contacts


Icon Mann

Dr. Jürgen Wegner

Head of Credit

Phone: +49 69-2107-274

Fax: +49 69-2107-6508

Icon Frau

Adiam Ghebru

Assistant Credit

Phone: +49 69-2107-597

Fax: +49 69-2107-6508


Stefan Goebel

Stefan Goebel

Head of Treasury

Phone: +49 69-2107-269

Fax: +49 69-2107-6444

Annette Schöneich

Annette Schöneich

Assistant Treasury

Phone: +49 69-2107-322

Fax: +49 69-2107-6444

Other contacts

List of authorized signatures

Rentenbank's current list of authorized signatures is available for our business partners.

To receive the required password, please send an e-mail to our switchboard with your e-mail address and if possible, your customer number too.

We reserve the right to refuse your request due to confidentiality and if we see there is no legitimate interest.

List of authorized signatures (PDF)