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31 January 2023

Rentenbank in 2022: Substantial increase in demand for special promotional loans

Frankfurt. 2022 was a very successful year for the promotional lending business of Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank. The volume of new promotional loans rose substantially. The increase in demand was especially strong in the Rural Development and Renewable Energy lines. The main driver in the Rural Development line was the strong demand for Rentenbank’s global loans by the development banks of the German states, while in the Renewable Energy line it was the strong demand for wind power financing. In total, the volume of new, low-interest special promotional loans granted rose to EUR 6.9 billion (2021: EUR 5.6 billion). To fund its promotional lending business, Rentenbank raised about EUR 11.8 billion (2021: EUR 10.7 billion) in medium- and long-term funds in the capital market. The capital ratios were nearly unchanged from the previous year.

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