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19 December 2011

Rentenbank plans to raise around EUR 10bn in 2012

Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank plans to raise approximately EUR 10bn of medium- and long-term funding in 2012, slightly less than in 2011. This figure includes all transactions in the capital markets with maturities of more than two years. The development agency will raise up to 50% of this volume via benchmark transactions in medium-term maturities with a minimum volume of EUR/USD 1bn each. New issues and taps of AUD Kangaroo bonds will continue to be an important part of the long-term funding strategy, but on a smaller scale than in 2011. Tailor-made syndicated issues and private placemen...

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24 August 2011

Favorable investment sentiment in the agricultural sector fuels demand for promotional loans

First half of 2011 Special promotional loans: loan commitments continue to rise; growth fueled by biogas, wind turbine installations and public-sector infrastructure measures; promotional loans for farm buildings, machinery and land purchases also increase. Liquidity assistance loans significantly below prior year level. Issuance activity: three quarters of medium and long-term funding requirements for 2011 have already been raised; U.S. dollar most important currency. Financial performance: net interest income and operating result (HGB and IFRS) at high prior-year level. IFRS measurement...

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11 April 2011

Rentenbank achieves a good start into fiscal year 2011

- Promotional benefit and operating result remain on a high level - First quarter of 2011: Strong investment activity in the agricultural sector increases demand for special promotional loans in the area of traditional financing; demand for liquidity assistance loans declines significantly; new promotional loans for dioxin-affected agricultural businesses; strong issuing activity; operating result (HGB) at prior-year level Fiscal year 2010: Double-digit growth of special promotional loans; lower net interest income; group operating result (IFRS) at prior-year level; highly volatile IFRS me...

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17 January 2011

Promotional lending volume and promotional benefit remain high in 2010 fiscal year

Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank's business in 2010 was characterized by a continued strong demand for promotional loans while the bank's financial performance returned to normal levels. As capital expenditure in the agricultural sector started to pick up again, Germany's development agency for agribusiness continued to increase the promotional lending volume in 2010. According to initial calculations, the bank's portfolio of special promotional loans grew by 17.3 percent to €23 billion. "Our promotional strategy focuses on our special promotional loans that are granted at particularly low in...

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