Treasury Kontakte

Treasury Contacts

The treasury department is responsible for all aspects of liquidity management and interest-rate risk management. It is also responsible for the purchase of assets under the general lending window to banks. The bank raises funding in the inter-bank markets and via various issuing programmes as well as via loans.

Telephone +49 (0)69 - 2107 - extension (see below)
Fax +49 (0)69 - 2107 - 6454



Area / Name Tel. E-Mail Contact
Head of Treasury    
Stefan Goebel -269 E-Mail to Stefan Goebel
Annette Schöneich -322 E-Mail to Annette Schöneich
Money Markets    
Ralf Häuser (Head) -233 E-Mail to Ralf Häuser
Margit Engelmann -232 E-Mail to Margit Engelmann
Harald Mutschmann -441 E-Mail to Harald Mutschmann
Leopold Olma (Head) -225 E-Mail to Leopold Olma
Eugenia Kaplun -470 E-Mail to Eugenia Kaplun
Holger Koncewicz -205 E-Mail to Holger Koncewicz
Ivan Tsvetkov -212 E-mail an Ivan Tsvetkov
Asset Business    
Thorsten Urban (Head) -255 E-Mail to Thorsten Urban
Thomas Christ -234 E-Mail to Thomas Christ
Florian Friedel -282 E-Mail to Florian Friedel
André Prietzel -559 E-Mail to André Prietzel
Risk Management / Treasury    
Dr. Petra Bergtholdt -242 E-Mail to Dr. Petra Bergtholdt
Daniel Müller -435 E-Mail to Daniel Müller


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